AASYA Behavior Expectations for Coaches and Parents

In the hopes we can educate some parents and coaches about the etiquette that should be followed during a game; I have come up with some obvious guidelines:

Game Objectives:

  1. Players: The players are there to play a fun youth sport in a sportsmanlike manner. They are there to improve their ability to play soccer and improve their teamwork.
  2. Spectators: Are there to cheer their teams on, in a sportsmanlike manner. They need to observer the rules of the game and cheer in a positive and civilized manner.
    1. They are NOT there to:
      1. Instruct their child or any child in how to play soccer which is solely the coach’s role.
      2. Are required to refrain from unsportsmanlike behavior:
        1. Yelling derogatory things at the opposing coaches, players, or parents.
        2. Yelling or speaking to Referees!
        3. Absolutely no use of profanity will be tolerated!
      3. Enter the field of play.
  3. Coaches: Should coach their players in a positive and productive manner. Screaming at your players is neither positive nor productive and eliminates the fun and enjoyment the youth players have during the game. While winning is the goal for a team, it is not a life or death matter.
    1. For youth sports coaches should coach at practices, with limited instruction on game day. You aren’t the ones out there making the decisions during the game; let the kids learn by doing.
    2. If you must coach during a game, sit next to your players on the bench, and instruct them as to what is happening on the field and how they can improve.
    3. Coaches should not yell at officials, it encourages your parents to do the same thing, which is demonstrating unsportsmanlike behavior. You may politely ask a ref what the call was, and if you disagree, you can report that after the game.

Golden rule on referee ability and personal conduct at the game:

My golden rule and what I have said to all my players and parents is: The Ref is always right, even when he is wrong, he is right. We don’t call the ref out or engage him in any manner to show our disagreement with a call. Sometimes the questionable calls go in your favor and sometime they don’t, it all equals out in the end.


  1. Spectators are NEVER allow on the field unless ask to by the coach due to an injury to your child that requires help. The coach should be the first one on the field, after the ref stops play.
  2. Immediate ejection for the use of profanity by coach or spectator.
  3. ONLY the coach should engage the referees if he has a question about clarification about a call or the coach feels safety of the children are apparent.
  4. Parents should NEVER question a referee’s call out loud (you can talk to your fellow spectators or the coach). There should be no direct conversation between spectators and the referees.
  5. Continued dialogue with the ref about anything, can subject that person and there coach to disciplinary actions (including the parent being ejected).
  6. Refusal to leave the playing area after being ejected will lead to the stopping of the game and forfeiture of said game to the opponent of the coach or parent refusing to leave the game area.
  7. In the event of a person using verbal or physical intimidation (assault) against a referee, or anyone at the game, it is strongly recommended that Anne Arundel County Police be called via 911. This will lead to more serious bans by the Department of Recreation and Parks as well as stop the assault in process.

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